Thursday, 15 April 2010

UK elections, Bebo, Public ACTA and the Webby Awards with Jim Mora

Jim Mora on Radio New Zealand National, Afternoons.
Herewith the links and background notes to my fortnightly chat with Jim Mora on National Radio.  Had some interesting feedback on the UK Internet campaigns. Looking forward to covering this more. and on that note, I forgot to mention that the BBC seem to be gearing up for a major Internet newsroom on the election. Check here for a start.

Radio NZ Audio with thanks
The audio with Jim and I, is here,  Ogg Vorbis   MP3 ,  or click the wee player.

1. Bebo
The social networking site Bebo - owned by AOL is rumored to be closing down.
We review the story - the AOL takeover - investment - lack of traction with audience, and the lessons learned for other social networking sites. Should Facebook be worried?
[Note: Bebo never took off in the USA - but it did in the UK and at one time was the biggest kid on the block in NZ]
Question: what happens to your stuff? Family memories - photos - videos etc?

2. UK Election - social media
We discuss the role of the Internet in the upcoming UK election.
UK Hansard Society.

Have published a study on digital campaigning, which includes an international review of past elections, including New Zealand, as well as offering some considered views on how the Internet will impact on the 2010 UK Election.

Their conclusion is that though the Internet will offer some useful, and on occasion, important tools, especially for single issue campaigns and party activists, this won't be the year of the big UK breakthrough for Internet campaigning.
We also looked at the main political party sites:
Conservatives - MyConservatives 
Labour Party  plus Labour Manifesto site
Liberal Democrats

Plus the spoof site on the UK Labour  Party - here

3. Public ACTA
Wellington Declaration
In a world first for Internet democracy the organisers and participants of the Public ACTA conference in  Wellington last Saturday have had their recommendations acknowledged by the NZ team who are tasked to represent NZ's interest inside this secret inter- country treaty negotiating process on new copyright frameworks.
The declarations and the principles are here:

4 Webby Awards
On the cool site front, nothing comes cooler for sites than the Webby Awards
This years opening nominations are going up today. Plus the People Nominations are open here.
[Note: apologies to on air listeners - I gave webby awards . org  - not .com.  ]


Anonymous said...

Paul, you were ruminating about social archiving and there today on Beattie's blog is a report on the Library of Congress establising an archive [from 2006] of everything from twitter! thing is , is it worth it?

Didn't matter about webby being .com - google can find these things instantly.

Anonymous said...

sorry, establishing is the correct word and there should be a capital T on thing

Paul Reynolds said...

The Library of Congress move to archive Twitter is indeed interesting.
closer to home , the NLNZ is about to commence their next web harvest of the local web space.
They managed to annoy a whole bunch of people last time because , despite a statutory right to harvest, they didn't give enough warning to the local web, but I think, from what I can gather, they have been very diligent around that this time round, especially with the big content players.

And of course that links to the British Library and their attempt to harvest the Uk web without having the statutory tools to back them up

Enough time to go and read a book!

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