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Sir George Grey - Wikipedia and NZ Papers Past

NZ Papers Past

Sir George Grey, governor, premier and collector.
For various reasons which will emerge in due course, I am deeply interested in the life and times [and collecting habits] of Sir George Grey, the 19th century two time Governor plus Premier of New Zealand, who also managed to build three marvelous libraries of books/manuscripts, each of which he gave away- with one of them forming the original foundation to collection to the Auckland City Library, itself a child of the Auckland Mechanics Institute. With more on that, here

Wikipedia  at Museums on the Web
I am also aware that this is the week for the MW2010, Museums on the Web 2010 Conference, and that some folks from Wikipedia are leading a workshop on how the collection sector in general, and the museum sector in particular might better collaborate with Wikipedia

George Grey - Wikipedia and Papers Past
All that in place, I can now recount that  20 minutes ago I was happily poodling about in the Wikipedia entry on Sir George Grey and then discovered that - in the last week or so - some truly bright eyed petal of a darling has sorted through Papers Past, the NZ National Library collection of 19th Century. Newspapers, and embedded them into Wikipedia as contextual footnotes to parts of the entry.
Here's some examples:

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Other sources - NZETC and NZDB
Also worth noting are the external linkages to Sir George Grey's works on the NZETC, NZ Electronic Text Centre, here, and the NZDNZ

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Lin said...

Hi Paul, There's a missing "p" in "papers' in the URL to Papers Past. It currently links to :
should be:


Lin said...

And the Papers past link in the section "George Grey - Wikipedia and Papers Past" doesn't work either...

Paul Reynolds said...

Ta to you both - I think they are sorted now

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