Thursday, 22 April 2010

ANZAC Day - Sunday, 25th April, 2010

ANZAC Day - Sunday, 
This coming Sunday, 25th April 2010,  is ANZAC Day here in New Zealand and Australia, when the people of each country commemorate their joint heritage from the 1st World War and other conflict zones. There will be many online points of presence for this annual day of memory, including institutional ones.  These in turn will be flanked by a myriad of ceremonies of remembrance up and down the rural and urban pathways of both countries.

The Auckland War Memorial Museum
One of the key pillars of the Auckland Museum - embedded in its proper title, AWWM, The Auckland War Memorial Museum, is as the place for remembrance to the fallen here in New Zealand, with the dawn service  in particular a place where the generations  - especially the younger - meet to honour their grandparents and great grandparents.

The Cenotaph Database

And on that note - 'tis well to pause to reference the excellent Cenotaph Database   a biographical database of New Zealanders who have died in the 19th century, from the New Zealand Wars and South Africa, through the First and Second World Wars to Korea, Malaya and Vietnam.

ANZAC, 2010: Online Book of Remembrance
To mark the 2010 anniversary, the AWWM has put up online a Book of Remembrance, as well as a  some rare archival photographs in their collection plus a small but sensitive feature to  four of the NZ men who served in the 2nd World War Theaters.

Heroes of Gallipoli
Friday 23, Saturday 24, Sunday 25 April
7.30pm - 10pm
Northern Façade

Also  this year the Museum will repeat it's projection of  Anzac soldiers in Gallipoli footage which was digitally restored by director Peter Jackson. The Museum will also project a collection of rare footage from New Zealand Film Archive’s After the War was Over.  This includes:

Arrival of New Zealand Troops at Cologne, 1919
With jaunty stride the New Zealand Division crosses the German frontier into Cologne where they formed part of the Allied Occupation Forces after the Armistice on 11 November 1918. The Division crossed the frontier at Herbesthal-Euphen, and reached Cologne on 26 December 1918 after a 23 days trek from the start point at Beauvois.
Maori Contingent Home, 1919

“Welcome Home to the Maori Pioneer Battalion from the front”.
The return at Auckland wharves and powhiri in the Domain to the veterans of the Maori Pioneer Battalion Te Hokowhitu A Tu.

Governor General Attends Consecration of Colours Auckland, New Zealand, 1933
The presentation of the colours of the Auckland Regiment to the Auckland War Memorial Museum by the Regiment's senior officers, including Gallipoli veteran Colonel A Plugge CMG.
ANZAC Day - Sunday the 25th 
The ANZAC Day service at the AWWM begins with the dawn service at the Cenotaph, at 6am. The Auckland War Memorial Museum is open to all immediately after the service at 6:45.  There is a full programme of events, here

ANZAC Resources
I will try and reference other sources as they come to hand. Firstly, the RSA has an excellent site including maps of country wide ANZAC ceremonies, here.  See also  A Guide to ANZAC Day, and also the excellent  NZ On Screen ANZAC Collection.   And don't miss the essays by Jock Phillips, et al, here. 

ANZAC Search from DNZ


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