Sunday, 28 March 2010

UK Conservative party show how not to use Twitter in a campaign

bigger image here

Image Non-Commercial-Share Alike License from Meg Pickard, explains both the context and the timeline:
"On Sunday March the 21st The Conservatives launched the Cash-Gordon website. A site that included (unmoderated) tweets with the hashtag #cashgordon.
On the 22nd it all went a bit wrong. Here’s a timeline of tweet events from the first site “defacing” to the site being taken down 26 minutes later. Not all tweets are here, some people decided to delete their tweets before they could be plucked out of the API. These are the images and sites shown and redirected to …  " more


Drawinz said...

Stuff like this is very disappointing. If the public can't deal with the important and serious job of politics in a constructive, positive, non-abusive manner what sort of example are they showing the politicians?

Simon Chamberlain said...

Amazed that they were this naive - there had already been examples of similar Twitter hacks in the UK (last year the Telegraph (IIRC) was posting unmoderated tweets with the hashtag #budget, straight to its website, with predictably poor results once people figured this out).

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