Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Three Jim Mora moments on National Radio

Jim Mora - NZ National Radio
I am beginning to relax into my  fortnightly chat with Jim Mora on National Radio. Hope it tells - and is, accordingly of interest to folks. The audio wee player is below:

1. Facebook A telling tale of sleeplessness - or what happens when your partners Facebook account is hijacked!

2. BBC news
BBC to delay building iPhone /iPad applications because of concerns from commercial publishers - read Murdoch - that they are too big a force and are inhibiting the market for paid news. I think this is a hugely interesting issue.

Story here
and here

3. Web and the Cloud
Is big and and centralised still the way to go in the age of the always on distributed web?

Two examples

3.1. Auckland City Council
The Auckland Transition Agency, ATA, is working on a bunch of big projects which will centralise the IT systems of the upcoming single city authority for Auckland due to go live in October. The notion, as in the good old days, is that centralisation of IT systems will give efficiencies.
Is this approach still the way to go in the new world of online data etc?
Isn't the promise of the web all about being small and nimble - sharing data, services, and expertise? 

3.2. National Library - and Archives
What's the rational in folding the NZ National Library and NZ Archives into the Department of Internal Affairs, DIA?
The argument goes that this will produce more efficiencies - but as in the Auckland City example is this still the case?

See NZ Cabinet paper on the proposal is here -  The paper speaks to having  consulted with key stakeholders. A whole swag of  groups, including LIANZA, Society of Archivists, Historians etc say they have not been consulted. Neither have LIAC, the statutory advisory group to the Minister to the National Library.

4. Web site
Virtual Museum of the Pacific - here


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