Friday, 12 March 2010

NZ On Screen feature on Flying Nun Music Video Collection

" NZ On Screen has today launched a collection of classic Flying Nun music videos, curated by the label’s founder Roger Shepherd.
The clips are accompanied by an inside story from Shepherd and written tributes from ex-MTV Europe chief Brent Hansen and media commentator and former Rip It Up editor Russell Brown.
The timing of the Flying Nun Collection marks Shepherd’s recent buy-back (from Warner Music) of the record company he founded in Christchurch in 1981.
Flying Nun is synonymous with Kiwi indie music, and with autonomous DIY, bottom-of-the-world creativity. This collection celebrates the label’s ethos as manifested in the music videos. The collection features a choice selection of 21 music videos reflecting their significance to Flying Nun history, and Shepherd’s personal favourites.
Included are label legends such as Chris Knox (Nothing’s Going to Happen, The Brain that Wouldn’t Die, Face of Fashion); The Clean (Beatnik, Anything Could Happen, Getting Older); the Verlaines (Death and the Maiden); Straitjacket Fits (She Speeds); Sneaky Feelings (Husband House); The Bats (North by North); and The Chills (Heavenly Pop Hit)."
Source: NZ On Screen press release
The collection is here


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