Monday, 8 March 2010

Nina Simon launches the book, The Participatory Museum

Nina Simon - legend!
Some days are just made for giving a shout out to interesting people - and none comes more interesting, at least to me, than Nina Simon , the Museum consultant and Museum 2.0 blogger, who electrified  the last session of the  New Zealand National Digital forum with her thoughts and insights into the Participatory Museum. Who can forget that gong!  Liam Wyatt hasn't, for sure

The Gong
And for those who havn't come across it, the gong was on stage  waiting for people to come up and bang it to announce they had just found someone to help in a project, or had become that someone and was prepared to help.

Believe me, being a Scotsman of a certain era, I can assure you  my first- second and third thought - was no way hosaie - not on yer nellie dug are you getting me up on that stage and anywhere near that gong. But hey ho - as the tape will show for all eternity, never say never. And the project - cant say just yet - but it just started last week.

The Participatory Museum
All of  which is a long intro into the welcome news that Nina  Simon has a new book out - The Participatory Museum - you can buy it - here - but you can also start reading the first few chapters under the CC licence, here. Or just use the short-cuts below:
The plot
The Participatory Museum
is a practical guide to working with community members and visitors to make cultural institutions more dynamic, relevant, essential places, written by Nina Simon, exhibit designer, museum consultant, and the author of the Museum 2.0 blog.
Preface: Why Participate?

Part 1: Design for Participation
Chapter 1: Principles of Participation
Chapter 2: Participation Begins with Me
Chapter 3: From Me to We
Chapter 4: Social Objects

Part 2: Participation in Practice
Chapter 5: Defining Participation at your Institution
Chapter 6: Contributing to Institutions
Chapter 7: Collaborating with Visitors
Chapter 8: Co-creating with Visitors
Chapter 9: Hosting Participants
Chapter 10: Evaluating Participatory Projects
Chapter 11: Managing and Sustaining Participation
Powerhouse Museum
Another reminder - Nina Simon's  entire December , 2009 workshop session with The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney is online, here  There are also links to the slides.  Or  just click and watch. Very generous gesture from both parties.

Nina Simon on The Participatory Museum - Dec 2009, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney from Powerhouse Museum on Vimeo.


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