Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Jim Mora - NZ World Internet Project - BBC Internet survey - Pacific Fibre and British Museum and Wikipedia

 Afternoons with Jim Mora
I had my fortnightly conversation with Jim Mora on National Radio, this afternoon. See here for the programme and the context

The conversation
The chat with Jim  is available here - just click the wee player, or go for download: Ogg Vorbis   MP3

The  links and comments are:

1. NZ World Internet Project 2009 

The second full survey was conducted in August - September 2009. It questioned a sample of 1250 New Zealanders about their usage of, and attitudes towards, the Internet. Analysis focused on the social, political and economic impact of the Internet in New Zealand.
see post below for detail. The report is here

2. BBC Survey on the Internet 

Is Internet Access a human right 
Survey commissioned  by BBC  has 27,000   across 26 countries. says yes
"...Almost four in five people around the world believe that access to the Internet is a fundamental right, a poll for the BBC World Service suggests..."
Lovely image map feature on the history of the Internet. Story at the BBC is here . Click the image at the top to go to the interactive.
3. Pacific Fibre 

Pacific Fibre is looking to build another fiber optic cable for NZ to the USA 
This is a fantastic story
 Currently the NZ backbone up onto the rest of the world consists of the Southern Cross cable, and another link over the Tasman for redundancy. This new cable  is needed both for competition and to enhance the broadband speeds currently on offer here in NZ. For example, on a good night at home - central Auckland - I would rarely get above 1M/bps.

In context, the UK is calling for a minimum 2Mbps standard for basic internet use by 2010

4. Wikipedian in Residence
 British Museum

If you cant beat them - join them 
British Museum has announced the first in house Wipedian in residence.
The first Wikipedian  is Liam Wyatt - he is from Sydney -  very interesting move by  the British Museum .

Goes to the heart of the issue of the credibility of Wikipedia  - it's  growing authority - and how mainstream organisations like the British Museum are starting to take its presence very seriously - 
Liam Wyatt blog on why and how is here


Thomo said...

Unfortunately, our Pacific neighbors cannot be seen on the map, but if we are intelligent, the Pacific Fiber project could help to change that. How about dropping off a connection to all the islands passed on the way from LA to Auckland. No impact on latency, its just a branch on the cable.

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