Tuesday, 9 March 2010

iPad versus Courier - work or play - can I have both!

Courier or iPad
The word is the iPad commercial at the Oscars -  see above -  had them rocking in the isles. and being a happy flappy mac kind of guy I can relate to that.

However, this doesn't mean that Apple is going to have it all its own way this year. Just up  on the Twitter wire  is a viral to a bunch of videos espouses just what you can do with a Microsoft Courier -  their answer to the iPad - even though, apparently,  Microsoft is denying this project exists.

What is interesting me more and more though - is not the  MAC/PC competition,  but the different user frameworks that seem to driving the way these developments are being offered up  to us.

Hang loose
The iPad advert, and all the other design  and brand collateral,  is all about lifestyle - hanging loose - leisure - and a smart kind of Renaissance like style - the 21st century Quattrocento.

Perpetual Journal
Microsoft , as seems inevitable  is much more Weber - Protestant ethic with a look back to the Medieval Scriptorium. It's all about - the project - the meeting - and of course - the deal. Check out the video script  below to see what I mean.

My reaction
Notwithstanding my ongoing troubles with chippy American accents talking about inspiration et al, I do like the notion of the endless journal.  I also like the collaboration tools. In short, I like the idea of a device that helps me create contributions to the digital revolution, as opposed to one which seems to focus on how I can consume them. 

Mrs Lenin

So please Apple - can we have a little less cool - and a little more work ethic! And of course, it would be just great if you could get your head round the fact that real revolutions require multi-tasking. Ask Mrs Lenin! As for Microsoft - is this real? Spill!

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