Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday moment: Sir Ken Robinson, Hammer Lecture - talking about The Element, and other things

The Element
I have to hand a copy of The Element -  looking forward to hearing the voice on the page. This lecture is about a year old - but it is still worth it. Still waiting on his TED presentation, 2010

The talk
He goes for 58 minutes without a note - or a slide, just himself thinking aloud, and taking the time to engage with the audience. For sure I've heard a couple of the jokes before, but it's a beautiful piece of work, and yet more one liners to take into the week-end and think on
Death Valley, California, flowers, April 2005
He also talks about how, in 2005, after a rain storm, the buried seeds of Death Valley germinated and flowered. So as I listened to him,  I went off and looked for some - this is from Wikimedia, here


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