Thursday, 11 February 2010

VALA Day 3 - Paul Sutherland Christchurch City Libraries has a bit of a think outloud

Paul Sutherland has a think out loud
Paul Sutherland, digital thinker at Christchurch City Library gave a great presentation  at VALA Day 3 on how libraries are not about books - they are about ideas - plus other gems - including  musing on // Christchurch Library blog // Christchurch Library on Flickr.  // Kete Christchurch //and last Digital NZ

He was brilliant - even if his jokes didn't load.  Apparently there is a paper somewhere? Perhaps? Or maybe its still with the VALA lawyers?

Conclusion? Evey library needs a Paul Sutherland - but I doubt if you could fork him - at least not without consequences for the space time/continuum. See - its contagious!

Update -  23ed Feb 2010
The paper is at the Vala site and the presenation is on Slideshare


paul said...

The paper is at the Vala site and the presenation is on Slideshare

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