Thursday, 11 February 2010

VALA Day 3 - Paul Sutherland Christchurch City Libraries has a bit of a think outloud

Paul Sutherland has a think out loud
Paul Sutherland, digital thinker at Christchurch City Library gave a great presentation  at VALA Day 3 on how libraries are not about books - they are about ideas - plus other gems - including  musing on // Christchurch Library blog // Christchurch Library on Flickr.  // Kete Christchurch //and last Digital NZ

He was brilliant - even if his jokes didn't load.  Apparently there is a paper somewhere? Perhaps? Or maybe its still with the VALA lawyers?

Conclusion? Evey library needs a Paul Sutherland - but I doubt if you could fork him - at least not without consequences for the space time/continuum. See - its contagious!

Update -  23ed Feb 2010
The paper is at the Vala site and the presenation is on Slideshare