Monday, 15 February 2010

Ron Mueck at NGV - National Gallery Victoria, Melbourne


Melbourne to Foo Camp
Still catching up from a huge last seven days. Monday, a week ago had me in Melbourne catching up with people including Angelina Russo from Museums 3.0, as well as a quick visit to NGV the National Gallery of Victoria.

Then came three days at VALA , then back to Auckland on the Friday and so up to Warkworth just north of Auckland for  Kiwi Foo - the annual meet-up of technologists - software architects/creators - scientists - media types - policy wonks and politicians  from the NZ and international networks of Nat Torkington and Russell Brown.

All of which needs sifted and separated - and just might provoke a couple of more measured pieces once I get time to process all of the inputs.

Ron Mueck at National Gallery Victoria 
But one incident/accident needs attention right now - and that's  a huge shout out to the National Gallery Victoria for putting on the exhibition from one of Australia's long time own, Ron Mueck .

Now based in London, and with a practice that goes back years, the exhibition show cases many of his classic hyper-real sculptures of the human figure, some of which are life size - some giants - and some almost miniature. Selections of these types are on all on view in this truly stunning and engaging exhibition currently running until 18th April. It then switches to Queensland until 1st August, before crossing the ditch to Christchurch Art Gallery from 30th September to 23rd January 2011.

My Picks

I spent a totally perfect three quarters of an hour in the exhibition. This doesn't sound much - but I have rarely felt such a sense of personal engagement from a set of art works. You just want to store it up and take it home. and then return for another visit the next day - and the next - and the next ...

This sense of a community of emotions is heightened by the reaction of the people around you - who just like you did  -  bounce between the different works - then stand to one side - head to odd angles the better to see the works and hear them speak.

For the record my favorites were , Wild Man - Baby and Two Women. As for Dead Dad - well what can I say - he looks so like I feel sometimes!

You Tube
You can get a flavour of many of the works on show from You Tube. There are lots of others on You Tube - just keyword Robert Mueck.


Below is one of the You Tube videos.  Many of the works in here are on show in Melbourne. More details on that at the excellent VGA web site , here - while Wikipedia has this to say about the artist, here.


Adam said...

I attended the exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and had a great time. One of the best exhibitions I've seen in ages.

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