Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Pink and White Terraces - the Tarawera erruption - doco from 2000 on NZ On Screen

It would appear that serendipity over my last few posts  -  on Trollope - BL 19th century writing - New Zealand early texts and the fate of the people and places destroyed by the Tarawera disruption - just goes on.

Just up in 5 parts on NZ On Screen is this brilliant documentary from 2000 - produced and directed by Richard Riddiford.  NZ On Screen has this to say by way of synopsis:

"In June 1886 Mt Tarawera spectacularly and disastrously erupted, and this documentary tells the story of the people who were caught in the catastrophic events. Around 120 people lost their lives, and the internationally famous Pink and White Terraces were destroyed. The documentary features an animated re-creation of the eruption, archival images, interviews with descendants of those involved, and readings from written eyewitness accounts. The author of the book Tarawera, Ron Keam, is also interviewed..."
source - here
Ian Mune - narrator
New Zealanders will recognize the narrative voice of veteran director Ian Mune who, years ago, at the height of his exposure around the End of the Golden Weather once sent me a three page critique of a unsolicited movie idea I sent him. Lovely lovely man whose generosity of spirit totally inspired me. Still does!


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