Friday, 12 February 2010

LSE Literary Weekend - How Would a Robot Read a Novel?

This is interesting - I am a big fan of the LSE podcast strategy - could do with a nicer user experience/interface - but the content is great - see/hear this one as an example - or look at the archive, here
  • LSE Literary Weekend - How Would a Robot Read a Novel?
    Speakers: Dr Kavita Abraham, Dr Jon Adams, Dr Robert Hudson
    Chair: Dr Tom Chatfield
    This event was recorded on 11 February 2010 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building
    Don't judge a book by its cover? Don't be ridiculous. We constantly make judgements on books – from where it appears in a shop, its pretty cover, its heft or subject matter, the praise and criticism we hear about it. Reviewers are even more prejudiced. They know the author, or hate the publisher or, even worse, are a meticulous and lucid expert on the subject. All human readings are subjective. Is there another way? Would an objective reading - some preconceptionless robotic analysis, for instance - be preferable? Is it even possible? And what questions might a robot help us answer?
    Available as: mp3 (20 MB; approx 86 minutes)
    Event Posting: LSE Literary Weekend - How Would a Robot Read a Novel?

More on LSE Literary Weekend
There is a page explaining more on the weekend, here: it includes this quote: 
"Half a century after C. P. Snow's two cultures, the arts and sciences remain distinct domains. While the social sciences might have built bridges, they each continue to occupy a space of their own. This festival aims to push those boundaries, exploring the edges of social science and asking what can be learnt in the borderlands between social science, natural science and the humanities about mind, self and society. "

See wikipedia entry on C.P Snow Two Cultures


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