Sunday, 14 February 2010

Jamie Oliver at TED 2010: Teach every child about food!


Unknown said...

Jamie Oliver makes an interesting point that where America goes the rest of the world will follow. It happened with junk food but sadly it's hard to see America being a leader in returning to healthy food.
The corporations with vested interests are too influential. Micahel Pollan is an author who covers this topic well.

Angelina said...

HI Paul
From my experience travelling and working in the States, I'm increasingly convinced that Americans don't necessarily eat adult food. They tend to eat what I would call "really inappropriate kid's party food". Hamburgers, pizza, soda, fries... the staple of American food. As a vegetarian I have trouble eating there. Who knows how you could travel as a vegan in the States. Jamie Oliver has been instrumental in developing this notion that children should eat proper food and should be applauded as it is a difficult proposition. Everything is against you, from the supermarkets to the product placement in television programs. Back in the day when I was making food for children I worked on the assumption that each meal should have something green, red and white/cream (ironically, it's the Italian flag) and that whether they ate it or not, at least they would know what good food looked like. It is my greatest pleasure that both of them have a real love of good food and take enormous interest in preparing their own! I'm also quite amused to see that they are avid watchers of Masterchef!

Mackenzie said...

The trick in America is to take advantage of the prevalence of foreign (ahem, not European) foods. I'm in Washington, DC, and I find it *much* harder trying to eat vegan in Italy or Germany than here. I think the only vegetarian (not even vegan) thing I could get in France was a crepe! Spain? I was sick all week. Everything had either cheese or ham, and I can't eat dairy without getting sick. I found 1 vegan restaurant in Barcelona. I think if I was in London, I'd survive solely on the number of Indian restaurants.

As far as I'm concerned, Europe is hell for vegans.

Actually, even in Texas of all places, I found a vegan buffet. I went there with a group of vegetarians from Germany. One of them was vegan. His jaw dropped, and he exclaimed "I have choices!"

Within a mile of home, I can walk to at least 3 organic markets, more Ethiopian restaurants than I can count, a handful of sushi, Thai, and Japanese restaurants, 2 Pho places, a vegan bakery, a cafe with delicious vegan eggplant parma and vegan brownies, a pizza place with soy cheese, 3 Indian restaurants, Lebanese Taverna... Even the 50-year-old Ben's Chili Bowl has veg chili! It's becoming common here to mark on the menu what options are vegan as well.

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