Thursday, 4 February 2010

IT after Three- with Jim Mora, NZ National Radio

Cabbages and kings with Jim Mora
I had my first session of the year on the radio with Jim Mora at National Radio. The audio is above - its around 22 minutes. We covered a lot of ground. Herewith the running order and the links.  These should also appear on the Radio New Zealand web site in due course. If you want a clean audio file, try these,  Ogg Vorbis   MP3,  or go here.

1,  Webstock
15th - 19th Feburary
New Zealand web conference - recognised as the best conference in New Zealand for web  - web design - and web projects . They bring in 25 of the best speakers on web in the world. Hugely popular with the NZ web digerati.
Also features the first year of the Onyas - NZ Web Awards

2. Buddy Press
New addition to WordPress - the open source blogging tool which also has a mile of independent developers and designers contributing new tools, designs and services to the common pool of 'plugins' to the main build. Some of which you pay for.

Buddy Press gives groups a tool to make multiple blogs. Very good tool for organisations - and community groups. Needs a bit of know how to set up but not too much.  So find a teenager who still knows everything. I have a mind to create a site and play with the idea of offering people a place to keep a Reading Journal.

Buddy Press
WordPress  [includes links to developer/design community]

3. Library Thing
Library Thing is a great place to share your library collection - like a virtual book shelf. Then you can see what other people have on their shelves - share ideas etc.

Legacy Library
This week saw the first New Zealand contribution to this part of Librarything which lets people/institutions make a digital library of historical figures. Librarything blog says:
" Legacy Library, that of Pei te Hurinui Jones (1898-1976). Jones joins Alfred Deakin (the second Prime Minister of Australia) in our Antipodean Legacies collection. Mr. Jones was a leading Māori scholar and translator (he's known for translating three volumes of Māori chants and song-poetry into English, and three Shakespeare plays into Māori). You can read a more complete biographical sketch on his profile page. ..."

Library Thing  Blog -  the story plus links to collection

Books from the Library of Charles Brasch
Note: The University of Otago Library did a lovely exhibition last year featuring the library of Charles Brasch. It would be good to see Brasch's library become one of the legacy libraries on Library Thing.
See the original online exhibition

4. Britain Loves Wikipedia
Great project that involves 20 UK Museums and Wikipedia.
Running for whole of February 2010
Involves the likes of Victoria and Albert and the Preston Grange Museum which is in Prestonpans, my home town.
People go to the Museum - take photographs of their favorite things -  or at least the ones which it is okay to photograph - and then post them to Wikipedia.

Great example of crowd sourcing. Similar idea in the USA called Wikipedia loves Art was hugely popular.
Britain Loves Wikipedia

Wikipedia Loves Art
5. Digital Literacy
NZCS report
Report from New Zealand Computer Society claims that "A computer-savvy New Zealand could increase workforce productivity by $1.7 billion per year "

NZ Herald story, here
The session mentions the APNK - Aotearoa Peoples Network Kaharoa, a  couple of times -  especially as a place to extend digital literacy.


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