Monday, 1 February 2010

National Library Australia Newspaper Project in D-Lib via Roy Tennant/Current Cities

It is the Auckland Anniversary holiday here, and I am not supposed to be anywhere near a keyboard - work/life balance and all that - but I can't help but give a shout out to Roy Tennant/Current Citites for picking up on the excellent paper in D-Lib from Rose Holley at the National Library Australia on the success of crowd sourcing at the Australian Newspapers project. The inimitable Mr Tennant, has this to say:  

   Holley, Rose. "[17]Tagging Full Text Searchable Articles: An Overview  of Social Tagging Activity in Historic Australian Newspapers
   August 2008 -- August 2009"  [18]D-Lib Magazine  16(1/2)(January/February   2010    

".. Holley reports on the experience of the Australian Newspaper project  with regards to user tagging. The project also includes the ability to  correct OCR'd text, but this article focuses on the tagging aspect.

The  article includes a great deal of data on user tagging over a 15-month period, as well as interesting insights into how users tag full text collections. Of particular interest to me was when the National Library of Australia did not impose any tagging rules or guidelines "they clearly developed their own unwritten rules."

In summary, Holley writes, "The experience of the National Library of Australia shows that  tagging is a good thing, users want it, and it adds more information to  data. It costs little to nothing and is relatively easy to implement;  therefore, more libraries and archives should just implement it across their entire collections."

Highly recommended for anyone interested in  tagging, or indeed any type of user-contributed content. - [19]RT ..."


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