Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Anthony Trollope among the new titles from the ENZB, Early New Zealand Books Project

Blomfield, Charles 1848-1926. :[The Pink Terraces. 1890?]
image source - alexander turnbull
As is its style, the ENZB,  Early New Zealand Book project, at Auckland University, has been quietly adding 115 new books over the last year, with  65 of them coming on stream since the end of November, 2009. Their style is definitely no fuss - no big drama - and when they feel like it, making a discrete post to the local web, and/or mailing lists, as in this morning on NZ-Libs.

Their offer is equally discrete -  keyword-searchable text of books about New Zealand published in the first two-thirds of the nineteenth century.  The project also covers  texts of journals and letters from this period, as well as reminiscences of people active in this period, some of which are published outwith the time zone.  Among these recent highlights are,

Recent highlights
1940 - Mathew, Felton. The Founding of New Zealand: The Journals of Felton Mathew, First Surveyor-General of New Zealand, and his Wife, 1840-1847.

1839 - Darwin, Charles. Journal of Researches into the Geology and Natural History of the Various Countries Visited by H.M.S. Beagle. [Chapter XX only] [ Brussels: Editions Culture et Civilisation, 1969]

1839 - Fitzroy, R. Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of His Majesty's ships Adventure and Beagle [New Zealand chapters] [New York: AMS, 1966].

1847 - Ross, J. C. A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions [New Zealand Chapters Only].

1851 - Shortland, E. The Southern Districts of New Zealand: A Journal, with Passing Notices of the Customs of the Aborigines.

1866 - Mitchell and Seffern's Directory of the City and Suburbs of Auckland, for 1866-7.

1869 - May, J. Guide to Farming in New Zealand.

1873 - Trollope, Anthony. Australia and New Zealand [New Zealand Chapters Only]

1875 - Mundy, D. L. Rotomahana and the Boiling Springs of New Zealand: A Photographic Series of Sixteen Views.
Some new illustrations:

Hochstetter's map of the Waikato, 1863

The Pink and White Terraces at Rotomahana, 1875

Edward Shortland's map of Southland and Otago, 1851

The Paddle Steamer "Avon" sunk in the Waipa, 1863

"Bull of Ngati Maniapoto" - Taumarunui? 1861 (Scroll down the PDF - the picture between pages 158 and 159)
Serendipity - Trollope!
As luck would definitely have it, my eye immediately caught the Anthony Trollope item. Whether it be age, ot merely an eccentricity, I am currently half way through Trollope's Barchester Chronicles, having already spent most of this southern summer reading the Palliser series.

As I think John Major, the ex UK Prime Minister once opined, he is a bit of an addiction once you get started. He is in good company here.

Yesterday in Wellington, I finished Framley Parsonage, and wondered how I could possible wait until I got back to Auckland to start the next one ,  A Small House at Allington, which was sitting to hand at home. Musing aloud I thought fool! Clicked onto Project Gutenberg, and downloaded it courtesy of Air New Zealand Koru Coub wifi.

Going back to the ENZB , for those who like this kind of detail - most of the new books are searchable PDFs, as well as in the ENZB favoured format, TEI-based XML The long-term goal is to provide these books in TEI-based XML as well as PDF.

Cataloguing records for books in the collection are available from Te Puna. MARC records (UTF-8) are also available for download as a zip file from a link on the ENZB home page.

The project uses b-engine software to convert TEI-compatible xml files to html for web display.


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