Thursday, 28 January 2010

The iPad - details still coming in

iPad launches
The detail on the iPad is still still coming in, especially around NZ availability. However, there will be two versions - one with wifi - the other with wifi plus 3G. These are the NZ prices from the press release. As to availability, I am still checking.

My two questions
My two questions are all around the eBook function and the accompanying new Bookstore. and that's will I be able to download and play e-books from say the NZETC, NZ Electronic Text Centre, who already use the ePub format without having to go near the Apple Bookstore.

And secondly, when the likes of the 1000 NZ ebooks project goes live, again  will I be able to buy and perhaps borrow from a public library ePub versions of the same and play them on my iPad?
In short how open is this puppy?

When available in NZ
Global launch including New Zealand is late March for the wifi version, and sometime in April, 2010 for the wifi/3G version. Latter restricted to USA and selected countries. Is NZ in there. No idea at this stage.

NZ prices to hand
wifi only
16GB $708
32GB $848
64Gb $989

3G plus wifi version
16 GB $890
32GB $1032
64GB  $1173
These prices based on US prices converted to NZ dollars at todays rate. This will change. So please don't sue me if this isnt the price in the shop when they arrive..

Still nothing to hand on the fabled deals that are being cooked for magazine and newspaper content. But this is a changing space.

Jim Mora NZ National Radio
Just had a call asking if I would come on The Panel with Jim Mora and guests on his Afternoon Show on National Radio to talk about the iPad. Nothing like the prospect of not knowing what you are talking about to get you doing your homework!

Kelly Gregor from NBR has written an excellent round up of the pros and cons of the iRad for New Zealand, including noting that:

- no iBookstore for New Zealand yet - and no word when it will have access
- no deals struck with local mobile telcos todate
- no newspaper / magazine publishing deals
- no flash player on the device
- no camera

Apart from all that s/he seems quite impressed:-) See here 


Anonymous said...

So what does "no support for flash" mean in real terms?

Paul Reynolds said...

good question - cant see embedded video files on this blog for a start.
Also a very large number of museum/gallery and other interactives from the likes of MOMA will not work inside the web browser.

Actually, for some people, the latter will be a good thing - as it will encourage MOMA et al to build their own application and get out of the Adobe/Flash content farm.

Pete said...

When HTML 5 comes along, we should be able to dispense with Flash. I'm more interested in how this works with ebooks. LED is remarkably clear, but is it harder on the eyes than e-paper for prolonged reading?

Bindy said...

Hmmm ... but this assumes new content - yes? Somehow its not such an issue for an itouch/phone as that has a just in time functionality. But something being billed as "best web experience" ? .... Best implies all ... its not. One of my favourite web objects was built pre 2000 and is not likely to be reworked. Obviously migrating formats is always the issue. But how come the Adobe/ Flash "farm" is to be got out of but the apple one (equally proprietry if you don't have the capability to hack and modify, remains good cider territory? )

FYI that site is :

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