Tuesday, 19 January 2010

1000 Great New Zealand ebooks project a reality in 2010.

2010 - the e- book year?
I've just left a useful summary on Stuff of the NZ  1000 e-book project being organised by Martin Taylor, et al at the  NZ Digital Publishing Forum.

This group, which came out of the Copyright Council, the BPANZ,  Book Publishers Association of New Zealand, and the New Zealand Authors Society,  offers training and networking opportunities for local publishers who want to understand and participate in the options around e-books.

Started last year, they are making a lot of  sense around how to grow both the e-book market in New Zealand, as well as make sure that NZ titles become visible elsewhere, especially in the new markets and platforms that many commentators believe will proliferate this year.

The 1000 e-book Project
This year their flagship project is the 1000 e-book project which they hope to launch either in May or June. The presentation above is from the first digital publishing forum held last year in Auckland.

I remember it as a curious mixture of traditional publishers and digital advocates, with the former often struggling to understand both the logic and the language of the latter. 'Tis to be hoped that the coming convergence of purpose and profit will help close this gap this year.


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