Monday, 21 December 2009

NZ On Screen in 2009

NZ On Screen
Thisvideo is one of the top five 2009 favorites from NZ On Screen,  the online showcase to  classic NZ television and film, where you can view programmes, and find out about the people who made them.

NZ On Screen  has been a work in progress since their initial launch in October 2008.  This year, as well as continuing to climb the content mountain,  they also managed to introduce the embed feature, thus making video, like the one above available on other web sites.

It sounds like a small thing technically - and for sure, these days, it isn't that hard to do in terms of code etc. However, getting the permission of rights holders is a whole new thing. Traditional film and documentary makers are notoriously shy of any feature which appears to signal they are giving their content away.

Web as a recommendation engine.
Persuading them that, to the contrary, embedding allows their work to go viral around the web inside a giant recommendation engine is an ongoing task for us all. So congratulations to the team at NZ On Screen for their work this year - and once again - thanks a bunch to making the embed thing a growing reality.

Top 5 titles on NZ On Screen in 2009
And in the tradition of this time of year - herewith the top 5 titles for 2009, both for the world at large, and as a NZ sub-set.

1. Britten Backyard Visionary (1993)
2. Kea Mountain Parrot (1993)
3. Peter Snell Athlete (1964)
4. Flare - A Ski Trip (1977)
5. Trio At The Top (2001)

Top 5 titles for NZ'ers in 2009:

1. Britten Backyard Visionary (1993)
2. Billy T Live (1990)
3. Peter Snell Athlete (1964)
4. Trio At The Top (2001)
5. Gloss (1987)
6. A Haunting We Will Go (1980)

Christmas Collection
They have also released a Christmas collection - which brings together "classic telly and film moments for the pavlova and pohutukawa season. From broadcasting icons (Selwyn Toogood, Thingee), to barbies, bickering and beer. Families come together to feed (Peta Mathias, Alison Holst), drink (The West clan), fall apart (in full length Gregory King and Niki Caro dramas); and a farmer gets jiggy with the fencing wire...."

See here for the full monte-


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