Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Most Watched YouTube videos in New Zealand

Top five New Zealand-created videos 

Top 5 most watched videos overall

Top 5 New Zealand music videos

Top 5 most watched music videos overall

Top 5 user-generated content

Top 5 most-watched movie trailers
2. Bruno 
4. 2012

Top 5 most-watched ads

Most Watched YouTube videos globally

Top 5 most watched videos
1. Susan Boyle - Britain’s Got Talent (120+ million views)
2. David After Dentist (36+ million views)
3. JK Wedding Entrance Dance (33+ million views)
4. New Moon Movie Trailer (30+ million views)
5. Evian Roller Babies (27+ million views)

This post was sourced from a Google press release. A copy of this is here.
Google , NZ also covered it on their own local blog, here


Anonymous said...

And I haven't seen any of them! Glad not to be one of the crowd.

brenda said...

And for some local news:

Top 5 titles on NZ On Screen in 2009:

1. Britten Backyard Visionary (1993)
2. Kea Mountain Parrot (1993)
3. Peter Snell Athlete (1964)
4. Flare - A Ski Trip (1977)
5. Trio At The Top (2001)

Top 5 titles for NZ'ers in 2009:

1. Britten Backyard Visionary (1993)
2. Billy T Live (1990)
3. Peter Snell Athlete (1964)
4. Trio At The Top (2001)
5. Gloss (1987)
6. A Haunting We Will Go (1980)

see them all at

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