Monday, 7 December 2009

Frank Howarth, Director of the Australian Museum offers some big themes for 2010

Nine big Museum themes for 2010.
Lynda Kelly on Museum 3.0 has started a welcome discussion thread on the future direction of museum policies, by posting the challenge the Australian Museum  staff received recently from their Director, Frank Howarth, who as part of the museum's strategic planning cycle, urged them to think about nine big themes for 2010.

1. Increasing the accessibility of the Museum and its programs
2. Pushing the digital envelope: doing more in the virtual world
3. Partnerships: more leverage and influence
4. Linking cultural collections and communities
5. Increasing our advocacy: taking a stance on things that matter
6. Getting more creative and lateral with what we call “exhibitions”
7. Getting more commercial without jeopardising our brand or values
8. Towards new approaches to cataloguing and understanding our biodiversity
9. Doing the things that are important and have impact, and stopping those that don’t

Can anyone play?
I think these are fabulous questions - would be wonderful if they became part of a wider debate, including one here in New Zealand - both at and between, for example,  Te Papa, Auckland MuseumPuke Ariki, Canterbury, et al - as well as the NZ National Digital Forum - and of course Museums Aotearoa.

And of course, all of the above is just as relevant to other parts of the world. 


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