Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Cabbages and kings with Jim Mora on National Radio

Today, I  had a really nice half hour talking to Jim Mora in NZ National Radio about various local, and not so local, happenings on the internet. This is the running order which we kind of stick to. You can listen here, as well as download - Podcast (MP3)  Oggcast (Vorbis)

1. 0 OLPC - One Laptop Per Child
First up, we revisited the OLPC project, which we first talked about about earlier in the year, and promised to come back to.

OLPC Australia
Australia now has a OLPC project. Currently involves 1000 children with a target of 4000 more next year, most of whom are in remote rural Australian communities. The long term goal is 400,000 children. There is a fantastic video about it on their web site - also on You Tube where the teacher talk about the effect the project has on the childrens learning.

OLPC Oceania
There has been a lot of progress - with many of the island nations now backing the project, including the latest, Fiji. They now have a very useful blog covering their work

OLPC - not just a laptop
OLPC isn't just a cheap laptop - it uses an entirely different operating system and is premised on an educational model which encourages online collaboration. This means they are developing new applications all the time. Some of these are explained on the site here

New Zealand connection
Though NZ doesn't have an OLPC project - there is a very well respected testing team who test new applications etc in their own time. Very geeky crowd but hugely impressive - and a good example of how code guys are often ragged trousered  philanthropists in their own time. See OLPC Friends

2. Google
2.1. Google Real Time search
This just happened - rolls out in NZ over 'the next few days'
Purports - don't you love that word - to give immediate access to new posts including Twitter - and FaceBook

2.2. Google's Year?
Are they still the big bad guys determined to steal all our data - not so according a major spokesperson at the Battle of Ideas conference in London
Session - Rethinking Privacy in an age of Disclosure and Sharing
The whole session is on line.

3.  2010 - Apple Tablet
Apple Tablet - all the smart money says January 19th for the launch, and that includes New Zealand
What is it? A cross between a net-book and an iphone - size of a proper paperback - content deals being pursued and agreed as we speak. Do I want one? I will kill for one!

4. Three sites that interest
4. 1. All About the Story
Building a market place new writing .
Local journalist and online news legend  Julie Star [who helped set up the Telegraph in the UK ] now has a new venture where both professional and emerging journalists [including newbies - amateurs etc] can put up a story - and then see if it is picked up by the main stream guys - who of course will pay for the privilege.

4. 2  Kickstarter
Love this to bits - an online place where a creative - artist - musician - writer - filmmaker - inventor - explorer [don't you love the last one!]  can write up their planned project and then seek some money - goods - whatever to make it happen.

4. 3 Captain Scott's blog

Making a blog out of the last journal of Captain Scott.


Tabitha said...

OLPC New Zealand testers are to be found mostly in Wellington, with new groups recently started in Auckland and Christchurch.

Wellington - Southern Cross, 35 Abel Smith St, Saturdays @ about 11am.

Auckland - Windsor Castle, 144 Parnell Road, fortnightly Saturdays @ about 11am.

Read about them at

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