Friday, 13 November 2009

Talking with Jim Mora on Afternoons - NZ National Radio

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Jim Mora - NZ National Radio
Wednesday afternoon had me spending a totally pleasant half hour talking to Jim Mora, host to National Radio's Afternoons . I enjoy his company a lot. He is great listener - but has a view of his own as well.

The Session - Virtual Worlds
Jim  has a bunch of 'tech correspondents' he can call on for his regular spot, Virtual Worlds. See here for more on that. I only turn up now and then.

Social Networking - trends, et al
In this session we discussed  the ongoing popularity of social networking,whether it be FaceBook, or Linkedin, et al. As part of this we also looked at the "social intimacy" research from the Pew Institute and gave a shout out to Stefana Broadbent, the TED video from which I featured earlier this week on the blog - or go direct to TED - here.

As well we talked about the ongoing rumours on the Apple Tablet. Finally, Mr Mora graciously gave me a space to give a plug to the NZ National Digital Forum.

The audio
The whole 30 mins is available as a download, or you can  use the wee player at the top of the post.
Social Networking - Facebook. New Toys - Devices Apple Tablet and The National Digital Forum. (duration: 22′53″)
Download: Ogg Vorbis   MP3


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