Thursday, 26 November 2009

Michael Geist explains the current, November 2009, state of the ACTA negotiations.

Michael Geist on current state [November 2009] of the ACTA negotiations.
Many people are just starting to hear about the impact of ACTA, and the secret negotiations being held by various governments to enforce a new treaty which will have radical impacts on domestic legislation around copyright, trademarks and patents. 

The slideshow below is a superb lecture/round-up of history of the ACTA process, the current work plan, and crucially, the issues and challenges around the current secret negotiations, the last of which were held at the beginning of this month in Seoul, Korea. Note the sideshow has an audio track - so you can hear the entire lecture.

Of especial note is is comments on the leaked agenda documents - especially around digital copyright - three strikes internet policies and notice and take down regimes.

On Michael Geist
Michael Geist is a very well known and well respected Canadian commentator/lawyer/academic on intellectual property. He is very strong on digital rights. His site has a great range of sources and commenter on his own site, here .

Twitter @michaelgeist 
He tweets as

Further sources
Wikipedia has a very useful round up of the ACTA process, here . Here in New Zealand, Colin Jackson, new strategist/commentator/broadcaster, made a welcome intervention on ACTA in a guest post on Public Address, here.


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