Sunday, 29 November 2009

Going West - Maurice Gee via NZ Book Council and Colenso BBDO

Film for NZ Book Council Produced by Colenso BBDO Animated by Andersen M Studio    

Maurice Gee is one of New Zealands best loved contemporaryfiction writers. NZ Books has a good profile, here, and Wikipedia has an entry here.

Going West - the work

"Going West (1993) is significant for its exploration of the nature of literary creation, and for much encoded autobiography. Rex Petley’s poetry has a creek as a repeating image, and the novel’s ‘Loomis’ is almost indistinguishable from Gee’s Henderson.

Gee has said that he will never write an autobiography, because he cannot betray the people who would appear in it, but as Skeat says of Petley, ‘Rex wrote no autobiographical pieces but the images of small town, country school, kitchen, workshop, creek make a kind of autobiography. He points them out, makes sure that we understand that this is no imaginary country, then lets the poems speak for themselves.’

Grounded in reality, but reaching out into a greater meaning than bare reality can provide, such images and changes shape the richness of Gee’s fictional world...."
[Author entry from The Oxford Companion to New Zealand Literature,
edited by Roger Robinson and Nelson Wattie (1998).] source NZ Books, here 
Going West Literary Festival
Murray Gray, the Director of the annual Going West Literary Festival in Waitakere took his inspiration for the festival from Gee's works. Indeed, until recently, one of the highlights of the Festival was the annual train trip from downtown Auckland out to the Waitakereby vintage steam train.  Ticket holders were given food - wine - and lots of literary incidents/readings , et al, all in memory of the singular journey evoked by the Going West text.
Murray Gray
Murry Gray continues to direct the Festival  while running his pre-loved book emporium, Gone West.


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This is beautifully done. I see Neil Gaiman has also twittered it.

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