Saturday, 28 November 2009

Captain Scott's Last Expedition' blog from The Polar Diaries Project

Capt Scott writing his journal in the winter quarters hut

The Polar Diaries Project
The archives of the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge preserve many of the manuscript sources - journals, logbooks and correspondence - for the history of British polar exploration.

'Scott's Last Expedition'
The Polar Diaries project aims to make these materials accessible either as blogs or transcripts. The 'Scott's Last Expedition' blog is a chance to relive the daily events of the Terra Nova Expedition, as recorded by Robert Falcon Scott in his famous journal.

By republishing the entries as a daily blog,  the Insitute  hope to internet users new insights into the scale and scope of Scott's experience. They have divided the text into daily blog entries - combined with  a Twitter account and RSS feed.

Blog - Twitter - RSS
The plan is to  follow the expedition's progress day by day, over many months, beginning with its departure from New Zealand, and ending with its tragic and heroic conclusion.

Twitter feed - here  Blog - here

Freeze Frame
The image above comes from the Freeze Frame Archive -  Historic Polar Images, 1845-1982 from the Scott Polar Research Institute. They hold a world-class collection of photographic negatives illustrating polar exploration from the nineteenth century onwards.

Freeze Frame is the result of a two-year digitisation project that brings together photographs from both Arctic and Antarctic expedition - here

Other sources
Wikipedia on  Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, here  -

"The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration describes an era which extended from the end of the 19th century to the early 1920s. During this 25-year period the Antarctic continent became the focus of an international effort which resulted in intensive scientific and geographical exploration, sixteen major expeditions being launched from eight different countries.
The common factor in these expeditions was the limited nature of the resources available to them before advances in transport and communication technologies revolutionised the work of exploration.[3][4]

This meant that each expedition became a feat of endurance that tested its personnel to physical and mental limits, and sometimes beyond. The "heroic" label, bestowed later, recognised the adversities which had to be overcome by these pioneers, some of whom did not survive the experience; during this period 17 expedition members died...."



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