Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Letters of a Nation - Australia Post


Letters of a Nation
Australia Post, assisted by the National Archives of Australia, the Australian Multicultural Foundation and the Royal Historical Society of Victoria,  have produced  'Letters of a Nation. The project uses letters to provide a first hand story of Australia.

Nice work, And interesting idea.  although I am not 100% convinced by some of the rendering devices. The way the letters come on screen is just great - but some of the pathways to get to them  have a tad too much 'flash' for my tastes.

Also, I would have like to have learned more about their heritage partnerships - but again,  the pathways that might have got me there were a little over scripted. Maybe I have been watching too much Indiana Jones.

Also, and others might like to take note of this - there is not a media person/organisation in the world who will wait for a Flash movie to load to get to a press archive - here.

The real deal
That said -  I love it - some very nice work inside  here


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