Friday, 11 September 2009

V&A London - new online collection interface - beta

V&A London
The V&A, London, have quietly launched a beta version of their new collection interface, here. It's a lovely piece of work. It was scoped and built by the V&A web team under the leadership of Gail Durbin, and her technical lead, Richard Morgan, [RMorg] , external design/IA , Other Media, UK.

I was given a preview of this work on Tuesday, the day before I flew out from London back to Auckland. I was so impressed both by the scale of the offer [over a million records now searchable, as opposed to the previous 50,000] the interface design, and their plans for extension and collboration.

The API 
Part of the latter includes making available an API for third party collaboration. I understand this is still under development, so if you are interested in that side of things, best talk to them direct.
In the meantime feel free to go and play, here.

Please note - this is a beta effort - so things might change without warning - and that includes the URL -  so let's just be a little patient. In the meantime, I'm sure the odd note of congratulation won't go amiss. Try here. This is a big effort- and it shows.

Transit through LAX and the jet lag thing
I am just back from London, via LA, from London. Great trip from Air New Zealand - but less than impressed with the transit arrangements currently in place at LAX. Makes no sense at all -  transit passengers are held back in a corridor while everyone else leaves the aircraft,  then you have to get in line to be processed by the same immigration people who have just done the first lot!

Once you are processed - and given a three month entry visa which you don't want or need - you are taken back up the same corridor into a waiting room which you must have passed on the way down to immigration.  Very strange experience - especially with jet lag.

Currently starting to feel the onset of that strange interlude of supposed clarity which you know means you are going to flake out any minute - so over and out for now!


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