Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Bill Ralston on current state of TVNZ news

Bill Ralston
Bill Ralston, one time head of news and current affairs at New Zealand state broadcaster, TVNZ,  makes a welcome foray on Janet Wilson's, Bespoke Media, into the current state of television news in New Zealand, and in the process offers some trenchant critiques of the way news is packaged, here

Simon Pound
This post, in turn drew a thoughtful response from Simon Pound in his blog, here,  who, in agreeing with Ralston,  goes on to make other points on how the news package all too often interferes with the core of the story, and in the process offers its own bias.

Russell Brown Media7
All of the above is germane to the video clip above, a classic episode of Media7 from Russell Brown which, as is his wont, takes the issue for a nice long walk. The clip, and others from the Media 7 prgramme can be sourced from, here.

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