Tuesday, 1 September 2009

10:10 - cut personal carbon emissions by 10% by 2010

 Photograph: Linda Nylind

In a groundbreaking partnership between media, political activism and the collection sector, the 10:10 climate change campaign has a public launch at London's Tate Modern from 4pm to 7pm this afternoon in what they hope will be 'an historic moment in the battle against climate change'.

The 10:10 campaing
10:10,  is a campaign to get individuals and organisations to reduce their emissions by 10% by  2010 
The organisers recognise it ia an ambitious target but reckon they can get every sector of British society behind one simple idea: ' that by working together we can achieve a 10% cut in the UK’s carbon emissions in 2010' 

On the 10: 10 web site there is a lot more on the peole involved - and how it can be picked up by families - schools and businesses. You can also sign up on line, here.

Sounds like a plan to me - maybe there is something similar in Australasia - if not - perhaps there should be, and if so -  maybe this could be a joint museum/gallery thing - especailly from those museums with lots of expertise on climate change et al?

Posting this on the train  - Flying Scotsmen no less - to Edinburgh - looking forward to seeing the home town! And yes there is free wifi!


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