Monday, 17 August 2009

Robert Carlyle Johnnie Walker 'I Walk' Ad

Johnnie Walker
A number of sources, including the UK Independent and Adfreak are naming this ad by Robert Carlyle for Johnnie Walker whisky the best ad of the year so far. At six and a half minutes it is a definitive piece of craft.

It is told it was shot for internal use only as a way of telling the Johnnie Walker story. It is further told it was shot as one continuous take, which took 40 takes to get it right. So they would all need a good dram after that then?

Well - that is a great pity - as you will see if you try and play the video, some ad agency , who reckon the zag when the rest of the world zigs, have got into the act with a copyright claim. You wonder what it takes to get this across - nothing is being stolen here - YouTube, is a distribution channel, and this blog is a node on a viral network - so what is the problem!

Which is a great pity - because believe me - Robert Carlyle put on a great performance.

Update 2
Try here


In Real Time said...

Nice one. Especially the opening line.

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