Sunday, 9 August 2009

New Zealand Open Government Bar Camp - stil open for places

What's it all about?

" The New Zealand Open Government Bar Camp, Sat 29th August, 2009, and Sunday 30th [Hackfest] is an "unconference" for people who are interested in making government-held data more freely available for others to re-use.

The Baa Camp and Hackfest is premised on a common agreement that Web 2.0 developments have shown the potential of combining data from different sources made freely available on the Internet, and that the government holds a huge range of non-personal data which could form the basis of innovative services and applications by others on the Internet.

Baa Camp is open to all - you should come if you are interested in government information policy, want to explore ways to provide data, might be making entrepreneurial use of the Internet, or want to help build working applications during a weekend."

Current Registrations
See who else is coming, here

His Masters Voice -Tim Berners Lee on Open Data
And just for fun - here is a reminder of what the master has to say about the potential of open data.


Mike Riversdale said...

Cheers for that, I suspect it'll be full within a week or so (160 spaces for barcamp and 60 for hackfest) - SIGN UP FAST PEOPLE!

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