Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Janet Wilson, Bespoke Media

Janet Wilson- Bespoke Media
Excuse the plug - but every now and then you have to give a shout out to one of your projects. This is the new - mcgovern online - site for Janet Wilson, one of New Zealand's most well known media mavens. She is now in the media training business - as Janet Wilson - Bespoke Media.

Sarah Palin
In her second post she uses the media profile built up by Sarah Palin to say a few things worth listening to, here.

The site is an adaptation of the latest Wordpress base. McGovern is a big fan of Wordpress , and if you have a mind to chat about what it can do, then let us know, here

WordCamp NZ
Also, the Wordpress community continues to grow. Here in NZ there was a very welcome Wordpress community conference, Wordcamp NZ, last week. I'm told video of the sessions are on their way - check out the proceedings as they arrive, here.


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