Monday, 20 July 2009

Aus Note 1: Public Sphere: Government 2.0 - Professor Brian Fitzgerald

Public Sphere: Government 2.0 - Professor Brian Fitzgerald from Kate Lundy on Vimeo.

Senator Kate Lundy
Senator Kate Lundy. ACT, Australia is doing some great work in bringing together Australian government and its key stakeholders to discuss, promote, and generally make real the promise of open access to public access to government information. She also has a great web site, here

Government 2.0 - policy and practice for Australia
She recently hosted her second 2nd Public Sphere topic – Government 2.0: policy and practice for Australia.

All of the sessions are available online, here. Among them are a number of key players in the Australian open government world, including a couple of sessions outlining the role and reach of the new Australian Gov 2.0 Task Force. Details on the members, here.

Definition of Government 2.0
The Taskforce has issues an Issue paper, here. It has a neat definition of Government 2.0:
"The aim of Government 2.0 is to make government information more accessible and useable, to make government more consultative, participatory and transparent, to build a culture of online innovation, and promote collaboration across agencies in online and information initiatives."
Prof Brian Fitzgerald - Creative Commons
One of the member of the Taskforce is Prof Brain Fitzgerad of the QUT. He is well known as a vocal advocate of PSI [public sector information] frameworks. In particular, he has many years experience in promoting the benefits of the Creative Commons Australia framework for government information.

The presentation above is a swift tour of the territory, and highlights lots of the key policy frameworks, both in Australia and internationally.

I'm also giving the Powerpoint slide show below. I've also extracted his references, and when possible, attached a hyperlink.

Brian Fitzgerald Biography
BA (Griff) LLB (Hons) (QUT) BCL (Oxon.) LLM (Harv.) PhD (Griff) , Barrister of the High Court of Australia.

Brian Fitzgerald is an internationally recognised scholar specialising in Intellectual Property and Cyberlaw. He holds postgraduate degrees in law from Oxford University and Harvard University

His recent publications include Cyberlaw: Cases and Materials on the Internet, Digital Intellectual Property and E Commerce(2002); Jurisdiction and the Internet (2004); Intellectual Property in Principle (2004) and Internet and Ecommerce Law(2007).

From 1998-2002 Brian was Head of the School of Law and Justice at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia and from January 2002 –January 2007 was Head of the School of Law at QUT in Brisbane.

He is currently a specialist Research Professor in Intellectual Property and Innovation at QUT. He is also a Barrister of the High Court of Australia.

The Slide Show

B. Fitzgerald, A Fitzgerald et al Internet and E Commerce Law(2007)
Chapter 4 –especially 260-269

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in C Kapitzke and B Bruce (eds.)

New Libraries and Knowledge Spaces: Critical Perspectives on Information Education (2005) Lawrence Erlbaum and Assoc.

B Fitzgerald “The Role of Open Content Licences in Building Open Communities: Creative Commons, GFDL and Other Licences” (with N Suzor)
in C Kapitzke (ed) Rethinking Intellectual Property (2007) Sense Publishing

Stage 2 Report of GILF Project –Access to Government Information and OCL –An Access and Use Strategy

November 2006 –“Unlocking the Potential” E Bledsoe, J. Coates and B Fitzgerald Unlocking the Potential Through Creative Commons: an industry engagement and action agenda, August 2007

July 2007 –First National Summit –Qld Parliament House –Conference Report on the Australian National Summit on OA to PSI

March 2008 -Second National Summit
B Fitzgerald,F Goa,D O’Brien and S Shi (eds),Copyright, Digital Content and the Internet in the Asia Pacific (2008) Sydney University Press

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B Fitzgerald (ed.) Legal Framework for e-Research: Realising the Potential(2008) Sydney

M Perry and B Fitzgerald (eds.) Knowledge Policy for the 21st Century(2009) Irwin Law Canada (forthcoming0

Note: some of the web references go the the front door of the site, and will need some fosiking to get to the paper.


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