Saturday, 11 July 2009

Len Lye, ACMI, Govett Brewster, Len Lye Foundation

Discover the art of Len Lye (1901 - 1980),
Congratulations to the folks at Govett Brewster Art Museum, New Plymouth, who are currently traveling across the ditch to the opening of what looks to be a seminal Len Lye exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, ACMI, Melbourne. It opens on the 16th July, 2009

The ACMI site calls Lye, and who would argue, as being 'one of the most radical creative minds of the modern age'. They also say:

"This unforgettably exuberant exhibition surveys his work across film, sculpture, painting, poetry and more.

Exploding with kaleidoscopic colour and pulsing with rhythmic beats, the exhibition is the largest survey of Len Lye's work ever presented.
New Zealand-born Len Lye is a seminal figure in the history of the moving image. In his early twenties, Lye traveled throughout the South Pacific, and lived for extended periods in Australia and Samoa. Moving to London in the twenties, and then New York in the forties, Len Lye's career unfolded amidst avant garde modernism on the international stage.

Drawing from the Len Lye Foundation Collection and Archive, the exhibition combines artworks with rarely-seen biographical ephemera, concept drawings and other working materials, many on public display for the first time."
The exhibition is curated by Alessio Cavallaro and Tyler Cann. It is presented by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in collaboration with the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery (New Plymouth, New Zealand), and with the support of The Len Lye Foundation and the New Zealand Film Archive.

Tusalava, 1929


Anonymous said...

There is an interesting collection of Lye poetry in the New Zealand Elecrtonic Poetry Centre

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