Sunday, 19 July 2009

James Ensor - MOMA interactive

James Ensor
According to Professor Wikipedia, James Sidney Edouard, Baron Ensor (April 13, 1860 – November 19, 1949) was a Belgian painter and printmaker, an important influence on expressionism and surrealism who lived in Ostend for almost his entire life. He was associated with the artistic group Les XX.

According to MOMA, he was a major figure in the Belgian avant-garde of the late nineteenth century and, like Wikipedia consider him an important precursor to the development of Expressionism in the early twentieth.

James Ensor, MOMA, 23rd June, 2ist Sep, 2009
They have produced a neat interactive of their exhibition, James Ensor, June 23rd - Sep 21st 09, which showcases 120 works, essay excerpts from the exhibition catalogue, and a timeline of the artist's life.

The Interactive
It's here. I like it a lot. I don't find it quite as compelling as say, their What is Print, but the way they showcase the images - in a lovely long strip - which you can then expand to see a full screen version - zoom - extended catalogue record, plus an audio track - is neat, stimulating, and definitely engaging.

On the negative - I'm not a fan of the the way the main navigation has to pop back on the page - and I find the text a little too 'fit for print'.

Given the latter are extracts from the catalougue, then that's hardly surprising. However, a little judicious editing for screen might have helped - as would a less ponderous font.

That said, I'm now quibbling, albeit from the POV of an engaged use. My main message to team who put it together is, thanks!


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