Monday, 6 July 2009

Google adds real estate search to Google Maps in New Zealand

Google Real Estate in NZ
Google today announced the addition of a real estate search feature to Google Maps in New Zealand

The new feature lets real estate agents, franchise groups, et al, to upload their listings directly to Google Maps. There is no cost.

Launched today, the new feature has a city/suburb search which surfaces available listings as markers on the map. You can refine the search by price, type of property, bedrooms, etc

Clicking on a marker or a small circle will provide more information about the listing, as well as the contact details of the listing agent and a link to their website.

Geographic search/discovery
Might even be useful! And another good example of the commercial sector grabbing onto the potential of geographic search/discovery. Would be great to see the cultural sector following suite.

Update - Tuesday, 7th July, 2009 - links with Real Estate NZ
Interesting comment thread going on this story under an article from Chris Keal at NBR, here. See especially the post from the CEO of, the main NZ property portal, who notes, in a response to Chris Keal's claim that Google is way short on Real Estate NZ's listings, that:
"the presentation of listings on Google maps reflects the same data that is shown on the issue is that as a mapped based application they can only show listings with an address - this relies on agents providing us with an address (which only about 60% do!) - we then provide these to Google - so to get the full picture of all properties for sale (we have around 93% of all licensed agents on the site) you need to rely on the main property website such as

Address not an extra
So another example of a mapping application which struggles to get to the top of its game because the originators of key socio/economic data [in this case the agents] need to start thinking geo-coordinates [addresses to you and me] as a core part of their data-set, instead of just an optional extra?


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