Saturday, 18 July 2009

China’s internet users surpass US population

China’s internet users surpass US population

The EJC reports, China has more internet users that the entire population of the United States, according to new research by the government-sanctioned China Internet Network Information Center.

"The study says that at the end of June there were 338m internet users in China, a 13.4 percent jump since the end of 2008, and well ahead of the official US population, put at 307m by the US Census Bureau.

Rapid economic growth, and allied expansion in internet access in more areas, has fuelled the rapid rise in use of the web around China, which has a total population of 1.3bn.

Comparatively low - just 25.5 percent
That shows that internet penetration in China remains comparatively low - just 25.5 percent - compared to the US, where a recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project put the figure at over 70 percent.

A previous report, released in March, found that at the end of 2008 China had nearly 300m internet users - of whom the vast majority were already using broadband connections, and with internet penetration generally already higher, then at 22.6 percent, than the global average of 21.9 percent - although that includes every country, including the poorest.

Internet use on mobile
However China seems to be leapfrogging the US, where fixed phone lines and desk- or laptop computers are the rule for internet access. In China, internet use on mobile phones has increased 32.1 percent since the beginning of the year to reach 155m, led by rising use by rural dwellers, the report said"

Source - UK Guardian - via EJC


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