Saturday, 27 June 2009

Satarday Source 2 : Nielsen Study: teens still use traditional media

"What Teens Want"

EJC Media in their weekly email on current media news is quoting a Nielsen Co study which cautions about making sweeping statements about teens abandoning traditional media.

"Don't get too caught up in the hype of digital media usage.
That is a key message of a new research report by The Nielsen Co. that it will present in New York Thursday at its annual "What Teens Want" conference.

"The notion that teens are too busy texting and Twittering to be engaged with traditional media is exciting, but false," according to the executive summary. Instead of replacing traditional media with new-media consumption, teens are simply making time for both, it concludes.

Other myths that the report debunks are that teenagers' preferences differ vastly from adults, that teens' media and entertainment spending is insulated from the recession (they actually reduce it, with out-of-home entertainment more affected than in-home) and that traditional advertising can't resonate with teens (once ads break through the clutter, teens like them more).

The leading type of media use among teens is still television, with the average teenager watching 3 hours and 20 minutes per day, debunking the myth of YouTube as the lead medium.

Actually, Nielsen says, teens watch more TV than ever, with usage up 6% over the past five years in the U.S.(Editor and Publisher)"

source - here

Nielsen, How Teens Use Media, 2009 , PDF


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