Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Netbooks to Smart Books - local NZ impacts

Eye Candy?

This might just be eye candy. However, I am really curious about new devices which have inbuilt 3G and can access both the Vodafone, Telecom XT and 3 degrees mobile networks.

Ondeck content deals?
I talked about the potential of this in terms on ebook content etc in my review of the Telecom XT launch, here

Asus unveils all-band 3G netbook running Google Android
Chris Keal of NBR has also been looking at the impact of these new configurations, here. It's a great read.

Lenovo Idea Pad
Also, for the last week or so I have had the chance to take the Lenovo Idea Pad for a test drive.
This is a netbook - i.e. the cross between a laptop and a mobile phone in size - i.e exactly the size of a trade paperback.

Form Factor
It is just like a laptop in function - so this means the keyboard is a wee bit small for daily use - uses Windows XP as the OS, with all the strengths and weaknesses of the latter.

That said, I've had a lot of fun with it. It fits in the bag easy as pie - definitely can handle any task I want to throw at it - web browsing - word processing - email - video - built in camera, etc. And if you are in the market for this kind of device, then it is definitely a candidate.

You can see more details of it, here, YouTube product videos, here. Local pricing - here

Squaring cirlces
The curious thing for me is why Lenovo, a Chinese company with links to IBM isnt making more of the potential of Android, open source, or other developments which the likes of IBM are keen to promote? But I guess I wil leave that for the tech-heads among us to educate me on?

Update - Thursday - 4th June
Sierra Wireless - compass 885 - usb modem
Just in time - I have a Seirra 3G wireless modem to test out courtesay of Telcom XT. They really are pushing the boat out in terms of media access and play points. I have it for four weeks - should be an interesting addition to the Lenova. Will report on this direct - but in the meantime - the laptop/3g interplay just got a lot more interesting.


Bindy said...

I tried to use my Library's OPAC yesterday. I was going to teach my son how to use it, to show him how to move from there to the classifications on the shelves and then to the book he needed for school......but the web catalogue was down . An upgrade they said. I felt my fingers twitching for a drawer to pull out...for cards to flick... we "asked the librarian". She found it on "her" system. It wasn't the best learning moment.... Call me a luddite But for this to work Paul, they can't go down... ever!icis

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