Friday, 5 June 2009

National Library of Australia SBDS Prototype Explore Australian collections and worldwide online sources

SBDS Prototype
This a really interesting looking project. It's described as 'a prototype in beta release' - strewth - the things digital does to plain English - but definitely worth a Friday afternoon play.

On the detail, The National Library, Australia, has this to say:

SBDS will be a new discovery service focussed on Australia, Australians, and items found in Australian collecting institutions. It will provide a single point of access to resources currently discoverable via the Library's multiple discovery services, and to digitised material freely available online anywhere in the world.

The primary purpose of this first prototype version is to develop the technical framework to support this new discovery service, and as far as possible ensure that the technologies we are using will provide acceptable performance, especially for record updates. The design so far is based primarily on decisions made within the project team to allow rapid development of the prototype. What is there now will form the basis for feedback, ideas for improvement, and input into the design of new features from a wide range of people.

The system is a work in progress, and we have made it available for you to follow our development as we build and improve it. The prototype will be constantly updated as it evolves into a system planned for release into production in the third quarter of this year."

See site for more, here.
thanks to Paul S and Brian F, et al, at NZ Libs for the link


Hamish said...

SBDS? I couldn't find a definition.

Erin said...

SBDS - stands for 'Single Business Discovery Service'.
It's just the working title for the service, a proper title has not been decided on as yet.

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