Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Montana New Zealand Book Awards shortlist- Bookman Beattie is not convinced

Bookman Beattie

Graham Beattie of the Bookman Beattie blog is known as one of New Zealand's literary gentlemen - i.e. one of the old school who, if he can't say something nice about someone or something, then he doest say anything at all.

The Montana New Zealand Book Wards
Well he definitely has something to say about the just released short list to the current The Montana New Zealand Book Awards - both in terms of the quality of the writing of some of the finalists, and the lack of balance between the academic and commercial ends of the NZ publishing world.

The balance between academic and popular
While making these judgements, he reminds us that the current Montana New Zealand Book Awards are a merger of the Montana Book Awards and the New Zealand Book Awards.

He believes the latter always had a more literary bias than the more commercial Montanas and that, in recent times, more serious authors and publishers have occasionally voiced the wish that the two separate awards were still in existence to give those more serious writers more chance of recognition.

Now he believes, "this year the pendulum has swung strongly the other way with the more serious and literary work pushing aside the more popular"

See the full post here - he is after comments. I suspect he will get these in spades.

Montanna finalists, here

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