Monday, 22 June 2009

Hamish Keith: Captain Grumpy to Doctor Grumpy

Honory Doctorate to Hamish Keith - author, social history commentator
BookMan Beattie is currently leading with the news that the University of Waikato has announced, it is conferring an Honorary Doctorate
on author and social history commentator Hamish Keith.

The Big Picture
Vice-Chancellor Professor Roy Crawford says Keith, who in 2007 opened New Zealand art history to an even wider audience through his television series and companion book The Big Picture, will receive the University’s most prestigious award, for his very significant contribution to New Zealand as a social and cultural historian.

Te Maori
“As an early driver of the Te Maori exhibition, a former chairman of the Arts Council, and a passionate defender of the concept that we are ‘all in one waka’, Hamish Keith brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for communication to his roles as author, social commentator and New Zealander,” Prof Crawford says.

“Bestowing an Honorary Doctorate on Hamish Keith is recognition of a man who has spent a lifetime engaged with the arts and with the cultural history of New Zealand.”

His doctorate will be conferred at a Waikato University graduation ceremony in October.

Auckland Single City
Hamish Keith's current concerns include the One City , Many Voices blog, and the Simple Super City web site, which contains his submission The Parliamentary Select Committee: Local Government (Auckland Council) Bill . And yes, he is looking for people to sign up as co-submitters, here


S ue Cooper said...

I've read Hamish Keith's submission about the supercity which says:
"At ward level the ward councils would manage community assets such as libraries, local museums, art centres and galleries, swimming pools, community centres and halls, playing fields, heritage sites etc". This would be a mistake. It would lead to disparity of library services across the region, would be more expensive and less equitable. LIANZA has written an excellent submission on this:

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