Thursday, 25 June 2009

DIGITAL NZ - take two!

Digital NZ have re-done their web site - added a new silo site - Make it Digital - and - be still my beating heart- have put the search box back on the front page, so you can find stuff!!
Brilliant - thank you - happy - sorted - here.

On a more sober note - they are still pushing their leadership role in making their API available for re-use - have enhanced their ambitions around re-mix - and have a new timeline tool.

Project ideas
They are also actively seeking ideas for New Zealand content projects which need digitisation, as well as looking for ideas that can be used to leverage what we have already got in digital format.
So if you have a suggestion on what should be digitised, or what we can do with some collection dear to your heart, then get on over there, now.

This doesn't mean they put your ideas into some kind of hierarchy of projects which they will then complete - the idea is to build a community of practice alongside some great ideas.

Fan No 1
And if I sound like a big fan of all this - then yep - you got it - I am!

New content partners
And of course - they are still looking for new content partners.


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