Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Escalating Arms Race: Intellectual Property - The British Library Perspective

British Library debates on new IP frameworks for education and research
British Library Chief Executive, Dame Lynne Brindley DBE, speaking at an Intellectual Property Seminar, chaired by Ed Vaizey Shadow Minister for Culture, said: '

"We are in danger of an escalating arms race between geeks/hackers and tech savvy young people and businesses focused on lock-down – the music industry has shown the difficulties of DRM based strategies.

Let’s put equal imagination in to workable new business models! And we should be aware of trends towards more open innovation models – in software standards, in publishing, in education course ware and in source code. The reward/innovation balance is not a straightforward one."

Harder for researchers to access and use information
The British Library is "concerned that the shift from print to digital publishing is undermining the traditional balance at the heart of copyright and could make it harder for researchers to access and use information, and undermine innovation, research and heritage in the UK."

Two debates
Audio of two debates from the Bl are now available.
1.'Golden Opportunity or Digital Black Hole?',
Listen to debate held on 5 May 2009, (MP3, 30.5 MB)
Dame Lynne Brindley, David Lammy MP, Torin Douglas, Dr Annette Davison, Simon Tanner and Rod Bristow
Read PDF

2. 'Authors and Publishers in the Digital Age'
Listen to the debate held, 2 April 2008 (MP3, 68.3 MB)


Hamish said...


Thanks for this post. I managed to find the link to the original BL page, which looks like it may be impermanent, but currently is:


Not very different to your post, but it does have in addition useful links and access to a number of relevant reports in PDF format.

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