Friday, 19 June 2009

11/17: Lulan Artisans Textile Competition

Lulan Artisans and CC designs
Creative Commons International reports."Lulan Artisans, a for-profit social venture that designs and produces high-quality, hand-woven textiles, recently launched a competition - 11˚/17˚ - to solicit community designs for Lulan’s 2010 collection.

Lulan will accept submissions until October 15th and are encouraging participants to publish their work under a CC BY-NC license and additionally make them available to independent artisans for commercial purposes and for use without attribution.

Database of CC Designs
The goal is that the designs submitted will “populate a database of Creative Commons designs that weaving cooperatives around the world can use to increase their ability to make a sustainable living and be less at risk of poverty.”

Competition’s guidelines at the 11˚/17˚ website.


textile printer said...

There will be complimentary tickets available, if you would like to attend the fair please send your address via my contact page to receive complimentary tickets.

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