Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Wolfram Alpha - is Google afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

Introduction to Wolfram Alpha by Stephen Wolfram
Uploaded by batence1986
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Wolfram Alpha
I found this brilliant new semantic search site via on the Huffington Post from Steve Rosenbaum's article,Is Goggle Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, last night, here.

Then I went and had a look at the Wolfram Alpha site, here. I tried the example Rosenbaum used, IBM, Apple. Then I sat and looked at the next phase of the web of data/semantic web quietly play on the screen.

Then I went and looked at Wolf's introductory video on the site. It didn't have an embed. So I used Google [sorry about that Mr G] to find out where it was, here. You can try my route or find one of your own. But the real trick is to and give it a test run for yourself - here!

NZ-Libs Mailing List has this post:
"Two posts from Mashable showing that that the developers behind Wolfram Alpha have a sense of humor"


Other comments
Some people are less than impressed, and others hapy to see how it pans out.
1. Keith Ng, local blogger, here,
2. UK Telegraph - Review of reviews, here.
3. Read Write Web, here


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