Thursday, 14 May 2009

Searchology : Google Universal search - the May presentation in full


The post on the Wonder Wheel and the Timeline feature from Google has proven very popular. This YouTube video is now to hand which shows the entire webcast. Beware it is just on 2 hours. From memory, the Wonder Wheel comes in around 50 mins in - but feel free to check - and play around. Still trying to locate the slide deck that was also part of the presentation.


Matt K said...

Hi Paul, does the wonderwheel far more elegantly, which is saying something because I normally much prefer the google take on things

Paul Reynolds said...

I agree it loks lovely - but it thinks the phrase Virginia Woolf is a band .. which it is - but it is also a writer - blah blah ..
The big trick will be when you can take the google code and customise it ..

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